B.M.E Building 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where do you build?

A: We build in the following towns/areas in Victoria:  Donnybrook, Wallan, Broadford, Kilmore, Seymour, Avenel, Nagambie, Shepparton, Yea & Euroa.

Q: Why don't you have a display home?

A: All our homes are custom built and are specifically designed for each of our clients.  If you choose one of our Essentia collection homes, you can still modify the plans to suit your needs.  We are a custom home builder who pride ourselves on never building the exact same home twice - not a mass produced volume house builder, so having a display home goes against the individuality we bring to each home we build. 

Q: How can you be competitive with the larger volume builders?

A: We don't have the overheads of larger builders such as corporate offices, hundreds of employees, fleets of cars, maintenance crews and sales consultants.  Therefore, our prices are very competitive with the largest builders, and usually when you compare apples with apples, we are the same price if not cheaper.

Q: Why do you only build 5-6 homes per year?

A: To prevent our clients from feeling like a number, and to ensure the quality of our homes, we limit ourselves each year to 5-6 homes. We take great pride in our work, and have a very hands-on approach with our clients and dedicate ourselves to building one home at time to ensure that our clients know that their home has our full attention.

Q: How long does it take after signing up to start on-site?

A: If your land is titled and ready to be built on, and planning permits are not required (if on acreage), you know what you want and have a firm budget in mind, then it can take as little as 6-8 weeks until construction of your new home begins.

Q: How long does the build process take?

A: Usually between 14 - 18 weeks depending on the size of your home.

Q: What is the difference between a planning permit and a building permit?

A: Planning permit is a legal document giving permission for a land use or development, and may be required by your local council. If a planning permit is required, it must be obtained before a building permit can be issued. Building permits relate specifically to the carrying out of building construction.

Q: Who obtains the building permit and/or planning permit?

A: We obtain building permits on your behalf, however, if a planning permit is required it is the land owners responsibility to obtain the planning permit from their local council.

Q: How do we make sure that we don't exceed our budget?

A: Most of our clients come to us with a firm budget or finance pre-approval before the design process begins. This way, we help our clients design their home around their budget and personal requirements.

Q: I have a friend/family member who is a trade - can they do work on my home?

A: Yes, providing they have the required insurances, we can delete that trade from the contract, and you can employ your family member or friend directly.

Q: I have a specific oven I would like that you don't normally use, can I still have it?

A: Of course. You can have whatever you like in your home - it is yours after all! If there are specific items you prefer over our normal inclusions, we can delete ours from the contract and you can supply those items to site yourself.

Q: Do you charge extra for colourbond roof's?

A: No. As a general rule, we only build colourbond roofs. Some estates may specify tiled roofs (eg. Hidden Valley), and if specifically required we can include a tiled roof in those instances.